Tokyo Pub Crawl Weekly Group Photos

Halloween Bash    10/27&28/2017
Over 400+ Pub Crawlers

Pre Halloween    10/20&21/2017

Draw On Me    10/13&14/2017

Oktoberfest    10/6&7/2017

400th Special    9/29&30/2017

Pep Rally    9/22&23/2017

Traffic Light    9/15&16/2017

Lantern    9/8&9/2017

Labor Day    9/1&2/2017

Summer Christmas    8/25&26/2017

Balloon Hat Party    8/18&19/2017

Pink Party    8/11&12/2017

Hawaiian Party    7/28&29/2017

Geek Party    7/21&22/2017

Anything But Cups    7/14&15/2017

Summerfest    7/7&8/2017

Independence Day    6/29&7/1/2017

90s Party    6/23&24/2017

Crazy Hats    6/16&17/2017

Strawberry Moon    6/9&10/2017

Bows & Ties    6/2&3/2017

Meme Party    5/26.27/2017

Draw on Me    5/19.20/2017

Hawaiian Party    5/13/2017

Golden Week Ender    5/6/2017

Golden Week Ender    5/5/2017

Golden Week Ender    5/4/2017

Golden Week Kickoff    4/28.29/2017

80's Party     4/21.22/2017

Easter Special     4/14.15/2017

Cherry Blossom     3/24.25/2017

St. Patricks     3/17.18/2017

White Day Party     3/10.11/2017

Balloon Hat Party     3/3.4/2017

ABC     2/24.25/2017

Glow Party     2/17.18/2017

Valentines     2/10.11/2017

Singles Awareness     2/3.4/2017

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Tokyo 5 minute survial guide for a night out


Alcohol in public is A-OK

Feel free to drink while wandering the streets. Its not illegal in Tokyo. You can even drink in front of the police box and not even get so much as a suspicious look (not recommended).


Get cash quick and easy

7-Eleven ATMs are known to be the go-to cash machines for tourists. Not only do they accept most non-Japanese bank cards (in addition to Visa / Mastercard), but they're open 24/7. Most traditional Japanese banks close at 3PM. Don't ask why, because we have no idea.


Hangover Preventer

Gonna do some heavy drinking? This is the Japanese miracle drink. Drinks this before your "session" and it will help you not get a hangover. Trust us we know!


No Internet? Don't get lost

Google maps works offline. When you have internet load the area you want to go, find your exact destination on google maps. SAVE IT!! When you get to the area. Open googles maps again, Voila!! Never get lost again! !


Tokyo's Hangover Cure

There are thousands of these ramen shops around Tokyo. Hot warm soup, noodles, eggs, and pork. Doesnt this just look so good after a night of drinking.


Stay out all night

Bars and clubs usually dont close till 5 or 6 AM. Don’t worry about getting tired. The atmosphere is so electric, it will keep you going and then some.


Need a place to crash?

If you missed your last train and it 2 or 3 in the morning and you just wanna crash. Head to your nearest net cafe. At 300-400Yen an hour, it's your best bet to get a few hours of shut eye.


Best bet for free wifi

Free wifi is rare in Tokyo. If your out and need to do a quick email check, head to Starbucks. Every major station in Tokyo has at least one (and usually more).


Ask the police

Not your typical macho scary police officers. They are generally very polite and can help you find your way. Since theres not very much crime in Japan, what else is there to do? Just look for the green KOBAN sign (Police Box).


Get one of these

An absolute essential for navigating the labyrinthine Tokyo train system. A 500YEN refundable deposit gets you a card and saves you a headache. Just remember to fill them before you head out! Note: The cards serve the exact same function. Suica is sold by JR, while Pasmo is Tokyo Metro. They can be used & charged interchangeably.


The best nightlife

Roppongi and Shibuya are hands down the best locales for a full night out. If you're planning on skipping the last train, make sure you end up here.


Everything you could possibly need

If you ever forget need or want absolutely anything, Don Quixote (Donki or ドン•キホーテ). Be prepared for the catacomb-like isles and endless rows of eye catching items. This store was designed to eat you up and not spit you out.