Back To the 80s Pub Crawl Party!

Friday, April 21st (7:30pm)
4月21日 (金)19時半から


Everyone loves the 80s! In Japan, wallets were stuffed with ¥10,000 bills and the money was flowing during the infamous bubble-era. Elsewhere, bad hairdos, synthesized pop music, MTV, and shoulder pads to name a few were what it was about. Some us were born during these interesting times, others have only heard the legends. This weekend, you are all invited to step back to this magical time!

Join us for our next pub crawl! Most people come to see something new in Tokyo, to meet new people, or to explore off the beaten path a bit. We all just want to have fun and find a good party.

Our only goal is to show everyone a great time, and by the end of the evening feel part of a big group of friends. Or just get really drunk. Or both.

¥500 discount! If you have a good time, COME BACK SATURDAY with a wristband, and get a ¥500 discount!!


     • Bring a VALID PHOTO ID (original passport, ID w/ bday)
     • No shorts, sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, sandals (guys)
     • No track pants or sweatpants
     • Tattoos must be covered


**ドレスコード/ クラブ情報

     • クラブに入るために必ずIDを持ってきて下さい!
     • 短パン、袖のないシャツ、flip-flops、サンダル
     • スウェットパンツ, トラックパンツは禁止
     • タトゥーは隠して下さい
     • 日本でお酒が飲めるのは20歳からです

男性/Guys ¥2500
女性/Girls ¥1700

Door price:
Guys ¥2900 / Girls ¥2000

Both Include:

• ENTRANCE to 2 - 3 bars
• CLUB ENTRANCE at the final stop
• WELCOME SHOTS at each bar
• FREE bottle shots between bars
• PHOTOS of the event
• Chances to WIN free drinks

• エントランスは1つのクラブを含む、3つ〜4つのバーになります
• 各バーで1つのウェルカムショット
• バーとバーの間に無制限ショット
• 各バーではドリンクがディスカウント 料金になります


  Bar Propaganda (2F)

Pub Crawl Handbook (About the Bars)

Bar 1

  (7:30pm ~ 9:00pm)

Usually a relaxed cafe or bar restaurant with space to sit down. Good environment for talking and getting to know each other. We will be doing a mixer/icebreaker here, so get ready to mingle! First shot will be handed out and done as a group. For those who are really thirsty, you'll have a chance to win a free drink right away.

Bar 2

  (9:00pm ~ 10:20pm)

We try to heat things up a bit at the second bar, with a little more music and exciting feel. You'll have plenty of chances to get to know your fellow pub crawlers even more, as we kick-off our games and activities. By games and activities, we mean more chances to win free drinks. Hint: Hangout near the DJ booth for a head start on free drink contests.

Bar 3 / The Club

  (10:30pm ~ close)

If you haven't found yourself on the dance floor by now, you'll be hard pressed not to do so at our last stop - a dance club! And why not?

PRO TIP: Stay ALL NIGHT! The club will be open until 5am. The locals start arriving around 1:00am or so. So of things look a little empty, hang around a bit and give it a shot.

You've had plenty of time to find your friends and forge some new relationships (or strengthen existing ones?) on your mini-adventure around Tokyo. Nothing left to do than party the night away.

NOTE: The Tokyo pub crawl officially ends at 11:30pm, providing you plenty of time to catch your last train. Although if there is an after party, and there often is, you bet you're invited! If you have any questions about train schedules, ask the pub crawl staff.


Bar 1

  (7:30pm ~ 9:00pm)



Bar 2

  (9:00pm ~ 10:20pm)

アクティビティ、ウェルカムショット#2 s.


Bar 3 /クラブ

  (10:30pm ~ close)


最後はみんなで一気にクラブへ向かいます!クラブが初めての人も、みんなで行けば怖くない! パブクロールイベントは11時半までなので終電で帰るもよし、朝までオールナイトもよし!