This Week

A Tokyo Party

Every Friday & Saturday
Entrance to 3-4 bars, incl. 1 club
Welcome Shot at each bar
Unlimited shots between bars
Drink discounts at all bars
New Venues every week
Photos of the night included
Coming Solo is completely ok


New Themes Weekly

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All Upcoming Events

Friday June 2nd 7:30PM
Saturday June 3rd 7:00PM
Friday June 9th 7:30PM
Saturday June 10th 7:00PM
Friday June 16th 7:30PM
Saturday June 17th 7:00PM
Friday June 23rd 7:30PM
Saturday June 24th 7:00PM
Bows & Ties Party
Shibuya Special (FRI)

Fri June 2nd & Sat June 3rd


The theme is TIE PARTY. So wear a damn tie!!! It's really not that hard. You can do it!!! All the cool kids will. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous at the end of the night, tie it around your head.

Weekly Photos