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A Tokyo Party

Every Friday & Saturday
Entrance to 4 bars, incl. 1 club
Welcome Shot at each bar
Unlimited shots between bars
Drink discounts at all bars
New Venues every week
Photos of the night included
Coming Solo is completely ok

エントランスは1つのクラブを含む3つ〜4つのバーになります 各バーで1つのウェルカムショットがもらえますバーとバーの間に 無制限ショットがあります各バーでは ドリンクがディスカウント料金になります 東京で一番熱い国際交流パーティ!

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October 20th Fri, 21th Sat,


The Tokyo Pub Crawl Halloween Bash (Oct 27&28) is just ONE WEEK away, but we just can't help ourselves! We're gearing up for the big event with this weekend's Pre-Halloween Pub Crawl. A perfect opportunity to try out your new costume before Halloween weekend and get in the spirit. Or, if you hate wearing costumes, then you can wear whatever you want! Hey, its not quite Halloween, but its going to be a great way to test out how much you can/can't drink! If you can't make it Halloween weekend, this one's for you. If you just can't wait to start celebrating Halloween, this one's for YOU! Or if you just want to pub crawl, THIS ONES FOR YOU! Come and party with the #1 nightlife crew in Tokyo!

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