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This weekend the pub crawl is bringing you all the biggest event in Germany, the 'Oktoberfest'! Over the past decade it has attracted an average of around six million visitors a year, who between them consume almost seven million litres of beer and munch their way through thousands of grilled sausages, chickens, giant pretzels and - for those really wanting to soak it all up - wild oxen. Though this festival usually spans over two weeks, we are going to showcase this widely known event in just TWO DAYS! To make up for the lack of sausages and variety of German beer, we will make sure that every single one of you will have more than enough to drink, and will experience one of your best nights in Japan! Make an effort to come dressed in your best traditional German attire, or anything to show some love for the beautiful country!
🌟Our only goal is to help you have a great time! We promise you we'll do our best, so just bring yourself, we'll handle the fun!🌟 ✨Celebrating a special occasion? Let us know we'll try to make it extra special✨


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Started in 2013-2018

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Starting Location 7PM

Bar Propaganda (Roppongi)

🕣Join us anytime during the night! Click Below👇
🥂️📍2nd location 8:30-9:50 Bar Milwaukee
️📍3rd location 9:30-10:45 IBEX
🍹️📍Club 11:00 - ~ +(all night okay)

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