Early Halloween Party

Fri Oct. 21st & Sat Oct. 22nd

Halloween is such a HUUUGGEE Event. We had to do it add in two extra Halloween parties early!!! If you bought extra costumes or can't make it the the Halloween one. Please come out to this Party! We will make it an epic epic night for you. We promise you that!

(Optional Theme) Please wear anything you want, but if you have a costume to share that would be even better!

¥500 discount! If you have a good time, COME BACK SATURDAY with a wristband, and get a ¥500 discount!!



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Halloween Mega Party, 4 Night Event Special!

October 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th

4 nights of Halloween it's gonna be EPIC. For those of you how love Halloween as much we do or have multiple costumes that you just gotta wear, we have 4 different Halloween parties.

With different bars and club line up each night, can you handle it?

Click on the links below if you want to attend! Come to one or or ALL FOUR!!

Early Halloween FRI Oct. 21st (Day 1)

Early Halloween SAT Oct. 22nd (Day 2)

Halloween BASH FRI Oct. 28th (Day 3)

Halloween BASH SAT Oct. 29th (Day 4)

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Power Rangers Pub Crawl

Fri Oct. 14th & Sat Oct. 15th

Just wear your favorite power ranger color, pink, blue, black, red, yellow, white or green!!

Go Go Power Rangers! What better place to celebrate everyone's favorite classic live-action ass-kicking Japanese television show (Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger) than the streets of Tokyo? It's our first ever Tokyo Power Ranger Pub Crawl!"

Dress up as your favorite Ranger. Bonus drinks go out to anyone who dresses up as the Green or White ranger, for effort. If you are lazy like me, just put on a colored t-shirt and walk around yelling "It's Morphin' time!


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Traffic Light Pub Crawl!

Fri Oct. 7th & Sat Oct. 8th

☀️☀️Looks like the weather is gonnna clear up tonight, so not to worry. A little rain wasn't gonna stop the party anyway!☀️☀️

The sparks will be flying (and hopefully not the hands!) throughout the night, as all SINGLE people will be given a GREEN wristband, all complicated relationships get YELLOW, and all of those who are TAKEN will be wearing RED.

We are only half-serious. This is not a single party. Its just a way to break the ice and occupy your inhibitions while the first few drinks start to take effect..

¥500 discount! If you have a good time, COME BACK SATURDAY with a wristband, and get a ¥500 discount!!


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WE LOVE PINK Pub Crawl Party

Fri Sept. 23rd & Sat Sept. 24th

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⛅⛅The weather going to a bit cloudy this weekend, but it's nothing a few drinks can't cure⛅⛅

We're meeting again this weekend to check out some bars in Tokyo!! LADIES feel free to dress up as we pay tribute to you with our first ever PINK PUB CRAWL. GUYS welcome to the year 2016, surely you have a pink shirt or tie lying around somewhere!

Well its all for good fun. Pink or not, the pub crawl is sure to be a fun time, with great people, cold drinks, and a special way to experience Tokyo.. Hey guys this one is for the ladies, and ladies love pink (edit: Juliano loves pink). So feel free to come dressed up in all pink or just one thing that is pink such as a tie, hat, socks, etc. Anything pink is okay with us.

Crazy Hats Pub Crawl

Fri Sept. 16th & Sat Sept. 17th

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Hats ON to all those coming to this pub crawl! Har har har. It's the TPC Crazy Hats Party! Crazy hats serve a multitude of purposes, such as starting conversations, poking fun of yourself, and hopefully encouraging people to buy you free drinks. And if nobody does, maybe we will!

【Theme - CRAZY HATS 】 (optional) Wear a crazy hat if you have one. Prizes awarded to most creative/stylish/absurd/hilarious crazy hats. Other than that, anything goes. Interesting hats can be found at the ¥100 store, or at Donki. Or, make your own! Still waiting to see someone wear a washlet hat. Wouldn't that be something

Tokyo Pub Crawl GLOW Party

Fri Sept. 9th & Sat Sept. 10th

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This is a brand new theme for us! We are gonna make it night you wont forget. Glow stuff here glow stuff there glow stuff everywhere. You'll have a glowing good time! .

Theme -Please bring anything that glows in the dark. Glow stick, glow lights, glow paint, glow anything.

Karate Kid Pub Crawl Party

Fri Sept. 2nd & Sat Sept. 3rd

Posted by Brett on August 29th, 2016  • Comments (66)

Beer on, Beer off. We are celebrating one of our favorite movies. There won't be any fighting tournaments, but their might be some drinking ones.

Theme - Karate Kid (optional) Please wear anything Karate related, bandanas, Karate suits, etc.

90's Pub Crawl Party
90年代 パブクロール!

Fri August 26th & Sat August 27th

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We love love the 90's and we're pretty sure you do too. Here's your chance to join our first ever 90's theme event! We promise it's gonna be a blast from the past!..

Theme (optional)- 90's party Please wear anything 90's theme related, Erkel glasses, bright pastels, wayne worlds mullets, absolutely anything you love from the 90's we mean anything!!!

Full Moon Party

Fri August 19th & Sat August 20th

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Whens its a full moon things tend to get a little crazy at the Pub Crawl. We're not sure why, but trust us it does! So if you can't make it to Thailand this month, this would be an awesome alternative..

Our only goal is to show everyone a great time, and by the end of the evening feel part of a big group of friends. Or just get really drunk. Or both

Pokemon Go Pub Crawl Party

Fri August 12th & Sat August 13th

Posted by Andrew on July 30th, 2016  • Comments (66)

We all grew up watching and loving Pokemon. Now since Pokemon Go came out, why not play and party at the same time. So come out to Tokyo's first ever Pokemon Pub Crawl. Don't forget to save those poke balls! Catch, Drink, Party!.

Theme - Pokemon (optional) Please wear anything Pokemon related, hats, shirts, don't forget your mobile phones!


TOGA TOGA TOGA/Tin foil hat party!

Fri July 29th & Sat July 30th

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We have two very different themes this weekend! TOGA Party or Tin Foil Hat Party. Come to one or both!!! Regardless which its going to be a crazy epic time. We promise you that!

(OPTIONAL)Theme: Anything Toga or Greek related is okay. Its pretty easy, All you need is a white sheet and Tin foil hat is make a tin foil hat duh!

Angels and Demons Pub Crawl!

Fri July 22th & Sat July 23rd

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Angels vs. Demons! Good vs. Evil! Dark vs. Light! Beer vs. Liquor! Margarita vs. Daiquiri! Beer bong vs. Beer Pong! You get the idea.!

// THEME (optional): Everyone is encouraged to participate in the party theme! Tonight's theme is Angels vs Demons, Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, etc. All for fun, of course! Choose a side, and dress accordingly. Angels should wear WHITE, and Demons should wear BLACK or RED.

Bastille Day Pub Crawl!

Fri July 15th & Sat July 16th

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité, and beer! Celebrate Bastille Day, and everything French, with a pub crawl!

Tonight we will be storming the bars and clubs and Tokyo in honor of those French revolutionaries from times past. THEME (optional): Wear red, white, blue, a beret, and/or anything French that you can think of!!

Dance All Night Pub Craw;!!

Fri July 1st & Sat July 2nd

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In celebration of the New "LAW" that has just passed in Tokyo. Allowing all patrons to dance all night. We are gonna make this one a special one! WE PROMISE its gonna be an awesome experience

We encourage you guys to stay ALL NIGHT because the last club that we are taking you too is gonna be crazy! So drink a lot a red bulls and be prepared to party!!!.


Anything But Cups!

Fri June 24 & Sat June 25

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Get ready for one of our wildest pub crawls ever - the A.B.C. party! ABC means Anything But Cups. Anything But Cups means you can use ANYTHING but CUPS to drink from! Yeah, its just what it sounds like.

On this pub crawl, you will see people drinking out of shoes, shampoo bottles, dog bowls, and much more absurdity. Its actually a lot of fun, and yeah, people start using cups after a while. So don't worry if you just have to have an ice-cold mug of beer.

But hey, we're going to do our best. Stop at the ¥100 store and grab something that's not a cup. We'll bring a few items to sell for a nominal fee for those of you who just can't be bothered. But be bothered! And get ready for a once in a lifetime event you certainly will NOT remember.


Draw On Me Party

Fri June 17 & Sat June 18

Posted by Andrew on May 30th, 2016  • Comments (44)

Draw on Me Number #7!

This is a pub crawler favorite, so bring out your best or worst drawing skills. Trolls are 100% welcomed!

Also, we're heading to a couple of Hot Hot Clubs. Will definitely be lots of fun!

Sunglasses at Night Pub Crawl

Fri June 10 & Sat June 11

Posted by Brett on April 25th, 2016  • Comments (96)

I wear my sunglasses at night!

We love our shades and tonight is one of those nights you get to show them off at NIGHT! Silly, funny, ridiculous, cool, whatever you got. Just bring em! Word of warning! Dont lose them at the end of the night!

Also, we're heading to a couple of Hot Hot Clubs. Will definitely be lots of fun!