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**TYPHOON UPDATE** The Typhoon did not have any effect in Central Tokyo, including Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Asasakusa, and Ueno. Both major airports of Haneda and Narita were also not affected. Most of what happened is in the outskirts of Tokyo..
The Pub Crawl Halloween Bash (Oct 25&26) is just ONE WEEK away, but we just can't help ourselves! We're gearing up for the big event with this weekend's Pre-Halloween Pub Crawl. A perfect opportunity to try out your new costume before Halloween weekend and get in the spirit. Or, if you hate wearing costumes, then you can wear whatever you want! Hey, its not quite Halloween, but its going to be a great way to test out how much you can/can't drink! If you can't make it Halloween weekend, this one's for you. If you just can't wait to start celebrating Halloween, this one's for YOU! Or if you just want to pub crawl, THIS ONES FOR YOU! Come and party with the crew that knows best!

パブクロールの最大のイベント、「ハロウィーン・パブクロール」までもう間もなく!年でダントツにクレイジーな夜が待つハロウィーンナイト、絶対に参加するべき!今週末はそのイベントの一週間前に行う直前(プリ)ハロウィーン・パーティー!ハロウィーンが大好きな方、そうでもない方も楽しめる一夜!テーマは一応ハロウィーンなのでコスチュームを着てもよっし!着なくてもよし!ただ単に賑やかにみんなと朝まで飲みたいっと言う方も大歓迎!一番のナイトライフのチームと忘れられない思い出を作ろう! )


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Pub Crawl #600
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Starting Location 7:00PM

Bar Propaganda (Roppongi)

🕣Join us anytime during the night!👇
🍺️📍Starting 1st location 7:00-8:10
🥂📍2nd location 8:20-9:20
🍷📍3rd location 9:30-10:45
🍹️📍Club 11:00 - ~ +(all night okay)

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