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A Tokyo Party

Every Friday & Saturday
Entrance to 4 bars, incl. 1 club
Welcome Shot at each bar
Unlimited shots between bars
Drink discounts at all bars
New Venues every week
Photos of the night included
Coming Solo is completely ok

エントランスは1つのクラブを含む3つ〜4つのバーになります 各バーで1つのウェルカムショットがもらえますバーとバーの間に 無制限ショットがあります各バーでは ドリンクがディスカウント料金になります 東京で一番熱い国際交流パーティ!

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Friday September 22 7:00PM
Saturday September 23 7:00PM
Friday September 29 7:00PM
Saturday September 30 7:00PM
Friday October 6 7:00PM
Saturday October 7 7:00PM
Friday October 13 7:00PM
Saturday October 14 7:00PM
Friday October 20 7:00PM
Saturday October 21 7:00PM
Friday October 27 6:00PM
Saturday October 28 6:00PM
Pep Rally Pub Crawl!
ペップ・ラリー パブクロール

Fri Sept. 22nd & Sat Sept 23rd

今週はアメリカの文化では欠かせないペップラリー・パブクロールを行います!ペップラリーとは激励会とか壮行会で、「ゲームがんばれ~、応援してるぞ~」っていうものです。とにかく自分のチームを励ましてあげる応援団、ダンスチームやチアーリーディング部のパフォーマンス等が有名♪ 今夜もパブクロールのみんなと「お・さ・け!」;「び・い・る!」っと叫んで楽しみましょう!

Tokyo Pub Crawl is bringing yet another American tradition to Tokyo! The 'Pep Rally Pub Crawl' ! For those of you from the States already know that the traditional Pep Rallys include some kind of sport, cheerleaders, pompoms, and a whole lot of cheering! With that said, we'd love to see our pub crawlers shout the night away and come together as one team! The staff at TPC will prepare pompoms and the necessities to make it a great night, so just walk right in ready to drink the night away!

Our only goal is to show everyone a great time, and by the end of the evening feel part of a big group of friends. Or just get really drunk. Or both. Coming solo is A-Ok, it's a great way to make new friends in Tokyo

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